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ZhongTaiChuangZhan Company Yang Jing Visited Group
Date:2018-09-21  Issuer:admin  View:26

On September 19, 2018, Yang jing, director of zhongtai chuangzhan holdings co., LTD, led the project manager jia sufen and investment consultant qin jianli to visit fangluogang group for inspection and cooperation.



Yang jing (third from right), director of zhongtai chuangzhan holdings co., LTD., accompanied by wu kangbo (second from left), executive vice President of fanglue bonded port multimodal transport co., LTD., was briefed by staff


Yang jing, director of the company, first came to the exhibition hall of fanglue bonded international land port port and listened to the staff's introduction about the group's general situation, development process, cluster advantages and business model.Afterwards, we visited the functional areas such as operation area of port, special supervision area of customs, foreign cargo terminal and bonded exhibition area of medical equipment.Finally, the two sides in the shanxi strategic bonded logistics center on the third floor of the conference room.



The two parties have a discussion in the meeting room on the third floor of shanxi provincial bonded logistics center


During the discussion, Yang jing, director of the delegation first watched the propaganda film of fanglue lugang group, and then wu kangbo, executive vice President of fanglue bonded lugang multimodal transport co., LTD., gave a detailed introduction of the cooperation mode and type of cooperative goods between the two sides.After watching the video and listening to the PPT introduction, Yang jing, director of the company, said that the development of the company was obvious to all. After the field visit, she was shocked and hoped that she could have further cooperation with her and invite upstream and downstream enterprises to join in the cooperation.Chairman li haixia said later that director Yang jing was very welcome to visit fanglugang group and hoped that both sides could enter into cooperation in trade and finance as soon as possible to achieve mutual benefit and common development.


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