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Smart Logistics Transportation Platform Provides One-Stop Service
Date:2018-09-19  Issuer:admin  View:39


For a long time, the intelligent logistics and transportation platform of the industrial products trading center of fanglugang group has been paying great attention to gather multiple resources and providing professional one-stop service to the entrusting party and the carrier of logistics demand, so as to boost the development of the enterprise.



Display the intelligent logistics and transportation platform page of fanglugang group industrial products trading center


Wisdom logistics platform based on strategies for land port group has its own railway private sidings, commissioner station, road transportation team, more than 10 years transport capacity and logistics supply chain and rizhao port, lianyungang, tianjin, Qingdao and other coastal ports in the advantages of the close cooperation, to provide customers with comprehensive transportation services, and value-added services.Comprehensive transport services include road transport, railway transport, maritime transport, international/domestic sea, rail and land multimodal transport services, china-europe (Asia) rail services, point-to-point transport services, bonded supervision of logistics and distribution services.The extended value-added services include in-route tracking, intelligent distribution, shipping management, electronic receipt, online settlement, logistics financing, etc.


In the aspect of highway transportation, the intelligent logistics transportation platform can reduce the empty load rate by convection of goods, and realize the "heavy to heavy" transportation between multiple places, so as to improve the operation efficiency.Through intelligent matching of vehicles and goods, more logistics planners provide customized solutions for contract customers, plan optimal routes and reduce costs.Support members to carry out logistics financing business, such as financing car purchase, financing guarantee, freight cushion, etc., to facilitate customer capital turnover;Provide invoice guarantee through online payment and settlement;Through logistics tracking can be real-time query, effectively reduce the risk of cargo transportation.


The intelligent logistics transportation platform of the industrial products trading center of fangluport group co., ltd. is dedicated to the consideration of both the entrusting party and the carrier of logistics demand, providing an effective way for them to develop business and seek cooperation, and exploring broad space, which is an ideal choice for customers to realize the logistics distribution demand.


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