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The decision-making layer attaches great importance to human resources factors in the enterprise development function, to enhance the value and reuse of talent to the group development strategy. Fanglue group  adhere to the "people-oriented"  enterprise culture, mainly embodied in the three aspects, namely: pay attention to "pay more attention to the employee's labor value, pay attention to the right to development and civilization education of staff's attention.

In the new economic era, innovation is the only opportunity to develop, and the talent is a decisive factor to ensure innovation. We adhere to in the process of human resource development concept innovation, system innovation; We insist on creating a fair and open atmosphere in the human resources, the establishment of a set of the full potential of mechanism, In the implementation of group development goals at the same time, we adhere to the "only be used, only Germany reuse; sainted and talented, exceptional reuse; not only virtuous, appointments, training; talent without virtue, recruitment limitation; non German, and resolutely not" talent concept, to provide everyone the full realization of the development space of self value.

The group in the constant development and growth, a profound understanding of training is one of the most effective way to enhance market competitiveness, training is of great significance for group development and employee growth, rapid growth and steady development for the future provide high-quality talent guarantee, therefore, also made the long-term training strategy.

The company for employees to create a good working environment and healthy corporate culture, to make every employee feel cohesion and sense of belonging; also provide competitive salary and benefits for employees, and strive to achieve a win-win interests the interests of employees.

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