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China-Europe Train Arrive in Duisburg Germany
Date:2018-09-14  Issuer:admin  View:24

Autumn air is crisp and clear along the Rhine river on sept 4, 2018.In this delightful harvest season, the first china-europe liner from Shanxi Province arrives at ruhr freight station in duisburg, Germany.More than 100 Chinese and German guests including luo huining, secretary of the communist party of Shanxi Province, feng haiyang, consul general of China in duesseldorf, first deputy mayor of duisburg city, representative of the government of north weizhou wende, general manager of freight of German railway company, attended the ceremony.



Luo huining (third from left), secretary of shanxi provincial committee of the communist party of China (CPC) attended the car pickup ceremony in duisburg, Germany


The 41-car china-europe line, loaded with precision castings, was delivered from the exclusive line of fanglugang group on August 13 and arrived in duisburg, Germany in 27 days.Upon arrival, door-to-door transportation will be carried out by the German company of fangluport group.



In this train, the fanglugang group's own box began to fully load the cargo out of the country


Strategies for land port group of the central trains arrived in Germany, to enhance the group active integrate all the way "" area, the construction of inland areas open to the public confidence in the new heights, marks a further increases in central European trains operation city group, will own container shipped abroad at the same time, further highlight the strength of the enterprise, enhances the ability of serving customers.


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