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Goods list of 2012 has been changed
Date:2016-02-04  Issuer:admin  View:91

Chinese government adjust automatic import license administration goods list of 2012.

Recently, the Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of Customs jointly issued Announcement No. 38 of 2012,  to adjust automatic import license administration goods list of 2012, canceled part of the administration for automatic import goods license . Mainly related to copper, boilers, turbines, and other power plant turbines and electrical equipment. Since the implementation of a new announcement from July 1, 2012. Goods in accordance with the Measures for the Administration of processing trade, processing trade enterprises to an automatic import license, such as domestic sales, it must be reported to the provincial examination and approval department. After the introduction of the new announcement, electrical equipment transformers are no longer belong to automatic import license management products.It is no longer required provincial approval for Houma Samsung Electronics (Shandong) Digital printer Co., Ltd. processing trade reported product of domestic sales, Only need the Approval of city's   commerce authorities.


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