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Preferential Policies from The Foreign Currency Management Departments
Date:2016-02-02  Issuer:admin  View:101

Company in Fanglue Center shall register foreign currency business , get "Foreign Currency Registration Certificate" and open foreign currency accounts.

Companies in Fanglue Center don’t have to handle receipt and payment procedures of accounting and selling for the Import and export between Fanglue Center and overseas; For the import and export between Fanglue Center and the center in inland or overseas ,Companies out of Fanglue Center could implement payment procedures of accounting and selling according to the rules.

For outer companies that imported from Fanglue centers, could pay to the center and to be paid directly to the abroad; For outer companies export goods to the center, Those companies can exchange earnings into the business center, which can also exchange earnings from abroad.

When the logistics companies within the central pay abroad under terms of trade, they should use their own foreign exchange funds firstly, relaxing the restrictions of foreign exchange purchase at same time.


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