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Preferential Policies from The Financial Institution
Date:2016-02-02  Issuer:admin  View:96

Dedicated Service

Set up a special VIP Lounge at major branches, with special lobby manager and comprehensive counter service.

Set up a Account Manager for implementation of "one on one" personalized service.

Priority Service

Priority to make loans and provide bonded logistics center of the correlation between enterprises of the Commonwealth guaranteed loans to customers.

Rebate Services

1. Giving the preferential interest rates for transfers, remittances, deposits and loans, and other services within the allowable policy range.

2.Taking the lowest discount rate in the process of discount loans.

3. It could be negotiated for lower fees for involved clients payment in the process of consumer credit and mortgages.

Information Services

1. Providing free consulting, relation building, prompting the successful transaction and reduce credit risk for VIP customers.

2.Hiring experts to teach, consult, resolve the related problems, to provide intellectual support at regular time for customers.

3.Organizing the seminars , understand the needs of customer , caring customers feelings, promote the customer relationships. At the same time, VIP account manager must greeting VIP clients regularly, and send financial business consulting material.


1. to provide Financial Planning Services;

2. Proxy Service including tickets purchasing, boarding check,baggage consign and other VIP Services within a certain range.


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