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Preferential Policies from Inspection and Quarantine Departments
Date:2016-02-02  Issuer:admin  View:91

The Department set up offices in the bonded logistics center, sent staff into the port to provide convenient and efficient service for all day long.

It is exempted from compulsory product certification that Warehousing and logistics cargo into Bonded logistics center by company and supplies for use of office or the raw materials and components for the Export Processing.

CIQ  inplement no more inspection and quarantine when the goods which should be inspected enter in Fanglue Center from other centers inland and non-essential to custom clearance transactions.as well as the goods enter into Fanglue Center from abroad without clearance procedures.For the goods essential to handle procedures,CIQ should inspect and quarantine according to the rules.

Unless otherwise specified, no inspect and quarantine for the goods should be inspected from Fanglue Center transport to outside.It is allowed apply inspection and inspect in batches   for the goods enter in Fanglue Center together and come out in batches.moreover, for the goods fit in requirement,have the right to apply inspection and inspect simultaneously. For the product which passed the inspection have a privilege to counting and selling in bathes whlie them come out of Flanglue Center.

No more inspection and quarantine for the goods from the  other center into Fanglue Center(non-processed in FL Center), release with  the CIQ certificate sign by local inspection and quarantine agencies directly.

Outbound processed goods which comply with the relevant provisions within the central, could be made to the inspection and quarantine institutions to apply for the issuance of a certificate of origin related.


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