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Preferential Policies from The National Customs
Date:2016-02-02  Issuer:admin  View:87

1.Customs set up organization in the bonded logistics center, sent officers into the port. Working in the "5 + 2" work-system and one-stop service, to protect needs in business process for all day long .

2.Record, customs, inspection, release, verification and other formalities for the Goods which in or out of bonded logistics center transact in the center simultaneously.

3.The Customs implement 24-hour supervision and appointment for clearance institutions,

4.Customs implement electronic account management and  online management for informatization business within the bonded logistics center.

5.Customs implement back-up system for access between the bonded logistics center and foreign goods, for goods outside the territory of the center between the implementation of the declaration system.

6. The Center run with port functions. The Customs regulate   the goods between the center and abroad in the provisions according to transit and other ways.

7.For the goods transit between the center and abroad, except as otherwise provided in the implementation of passive export quota management and the state, not implement import and export quota license management .

8.It shall be bonded that in addition to laws and regulations as otherwise provided for the foreign goods entering The Center by Customs.

9.In addition to laws and regulations otherwise specified, within the central goods sold abroad, not to impose export tariffs.

10.Inland goods transit into the center ,also regarded as import.

11.Customs manage for import formalities according to the actual state of the goods and the trade mode center.

12. It shall be regarded as exports goods into The Center from the outer center.

13.When the goods come in or out of the Center(between in the center and abroad,in the Center and in other Centers),may transit in bathes and declare together according to the needs.and the owner could pick up the goods once or for many times. The tax payment could be paid in the same way.

14.The goods into the center could be returned owing to the customs regulations .

15.Goods in the center could transact and circulate between the companies,as well as the region beneath customs particular supervision or other monitoring sites.


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