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Preferential Policies from Houma Development Zone
Date:2016-02-02  Issuer:admin  View:94

The implementation of "enclosed" management in Bonded Logistics Center. If some Bureau or departments come to check costs, must be provided in addition to the laws, regulations and rules expressly, but also must obtain the consent of leaders in Houma Development Zone.moreover, with the testify form relevant departments to be proved to operation.The Center has the right to refuse otherwise. In violation of regulations, they will be severely punished.

Houma Development Zone has set up a comprehensive service office in Bonded Logistics Center,implement “one window towards abroad”, one-series service, one-stop office.Also includes the implementation of pledges, time-limit system, with efficient service,to providing service for customers with a full range of high-quality . 

Companies which developing business in the bonded logistics center commerce logistics,have the right to possess The Industry Development Support Fund award by Houma Development Zone committee.


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