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Preferential Policy from Houma CIQ
Date:2016-02-02  Issuer:admin  View:94

1.Houma CIQ set specialized agencies in Bonded Logistics Center for the implementation of a 24-hour convenient and efficient service, to make sure fast inspection and quarantine;  set up a implement consultation system of enterprise consulting, and once-told system.

2. Do the inspection and quarantine procedures for the goods in or out of the center at the same time, instead of in port. Achieve"3-one"(one declaration, one inspection and one release) in the form of one-stop office.

3. No test for non-bonded goods from the inland entering the bonded or non-bonded areas.

4. For the short-term goods that transit in center with inpact packing , just check the outer packing.

5. From the outside into the center of the territory of the center has handled inspection and quarantine procedures, in the center of unprocessed direct exit, the inspection and quarantine inspection and quarantine agencies no longer.

6. The products which after simple processing export in the center and shipped to foreign countries , exempt from compulsory certification .

7. Simple processing outbound products which conform to the provisions within the central,have the right to apply for certificate of origin, general certificate of origin,or regional preferential certificate of origin, special certificate of origin from inspection and quarantine agencies to sign and issue.

8.For the goods come in port together but deliver in bathes could be inspected and quarantined in bathes too. The  Bureau provide convenient conditions for business.

9.It is exempted from compulsory product certification that Warehousing and logistics cargo into Bonded logistics center by company and supplies for use of office or the raw materials and components for the Export Processing.

10. In Bonded logistics center,The National Custom associate with The National Inspection at the same time to check cargo out,to prevent crisscrossing of companies between the two sectors from the hard work and tedious.


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