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Development of Chinese Bonded Logistics
Date:2016-02-04  Issuer:admin  View:209


China's bonded logistics start from 1978,which began to carry out bonded processing trade;


1981 Customs formulated the "People's Republic of China Customs bonded goods and bonded warehouses supervision Interim Measures";


1990 a Free Trade Zone (Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone) established;


In 1999 the introduction of the Customs bonded goods deep processing management approach;


In 2000 the first batch of 15 Export Processing Zones approved by the State Council;


In 2003 The first Bonded Logistics Park (Shanghai Waigaoqiao Bonded Logistics Park) successfully passed the national acceptance and put into operation;


In 2004 set up the first trial Bonded Logistics Center;


In December 2005 Shanghai Yangshan Bonded Port Opened;


In August 2007 Suzhou Industrial Park Comprehensive Bonded Zone passed the acceptance;


In July 2008 Beijing Tianzhu (Airport) Comprehensive Bonded Zone approved by the State Council;


In October 2008 Chongqing Lianglucuntan Bonded Port Zone approved by the State Council;


In January 2009 Haikou Comprehensive Bonded Zones approved by the State Council.


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