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China development bank, huawei,China ICT to visit Fanglue Inland Port Group
Date:2017-03-16  Issuer:admin  View:106

    In February 8th, the first cold spring, by the director of the Council of State Development Bank Wang Xuefeng, HUAWEI Technologies Co. Ltd. China District smart city system minister Wang Wei, China Telecom Group General Manager, assistant general manager of Beijing branch Yuan Fusheng delegation to visit Hong Kong group consisting of the strategy of land investigation cooperation. Linfen City Vice Mayor Wang Yanfeng, Houma municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xujie, deputy secretary, mayor Duan Huigang, municipal Party secretary general Lu middle leaders, vice mayor Liang Mingjun and the Bureau of Commerce, port office of strategy accompanied by Fanglve inland group Chairman Li Haixia was warmly received.




Picture1:The National Development Bank, Huawei, China United Network ICT delegation to listen to the development strategy of the Fanglve inland port group in Shanxi international inland port free trade strategy before the introduction of exhibition park. The front row from left to right are the general manager director of the Council of State Development Bank Wang Xuefeng, HUAWEI Technologies Co. Ltd. China District smart city system minister Wang Wei, China Telecom Group Assistant General Manager, Beijing branch Yuan Fusheng.


    They listened to the course of development, the group advantage and infrastructure construction, development orientation, business system, operational effectiveness, long-term development plan introduced in the bayonet before and then came to the office building to be completed inspection of the view. They visit while asking, in order to have a comprehensive understanding of the development of enterprises. After the investigation, the delegation of the general plan for the development of strength, with a large scale, strategic planning is greatly, the substantive cooperation between the proposed strategy and hope.




Picture2: The National Development Bank, Huawei, China Union delegation to visit ICT in the built environment - outsourcing project site investigation of foreign goods Wharf.


    It is reported that the State Development Bank is directly under the leadership of the State Council, the state owned commercial banks. For a long time, the bonded logistics the key support and achieve rapid development.

    HUAWEI Technologies Co. Ltd. was established in 1987 in Shenzhen, has become the leading global information and communications technology solutions provider in the telecom operators, enterprises, terminals and cloud computing and other areas to build the advantage of end-to-end solutions for operators, customers, business customers and consumers to provide a competitive ICT solutions products and services, and is committed to enable the future information society, build better joins the whole world. Currently, HUAWEI has more than 170 thousand employees, business in all over the world in more than and 170 countries and regions, serving more than 1/3 of the world population. HUAWEI is the pride of Chinese national industry.

    China Xintong group is founded of communication and information resources integration system in the national quality Power Grid Corp subsidiary is Chinese energy industry's largest information and communications technology, products and service providers, the main business products include smart chip, information communication device, information communication and build a complete industrial chain, and the development of cloud computing, big data, networking, mobile Internet and other emerging businesses.


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